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New development

Cantley Village Hall is fundraising for a new village hall to continue to provide a space for our local community to get together for events and activities. You can get involved by donating to our fundraising efforts, sponsoring a specific event or activity, or volunteering your time to help us run events and activities.

Your support ensures that Cantley Village Hall remains a purposeful hub for our community.

Our vision

Our vision for the new village hall is to allow a greater number of people to find the services they need and get the most out of our community hub.

A Sports Hall

The children at Cantley Primary School will be able to utilise the new village hall for their PE lessons. It will also be a space for other members of the community to run sport clubs and other fitness activities.

A Clinical Space

Our remote location makes access to medical services difficult for some members of our community. The new village hall will be equipped with clinical rooms to allow clinics to be run in the village.

A Nature Base

We want to use the village hall as a meeting point for wellbeing walks, utilising our rich natural environment to improve the health of our community. As well as being a base for walkers and bird watchers.

A rural landscape with water reeds at Cantley Marshes




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